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Philanthropy is not simply the transference of money; it is the transformation of life. Few human activities are as exciting, as challenging, or as gratifying as philanthropy.

Medical equipment provided so that a quadriplegic can walk….the music of Bach soaring through a concert hall and thrilling children who have never heard such sounds before….a three year-old timidly touching a tadpole, captivated by the sights of a wildlife refuge….food and shelter for those most desperately in need…..a home-bound senior citizen enjoying a visit from a volunteer who connects her to a world that has not forgotten her.

These are glimpses of the marvelous things made possible by philanthropic grants from the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation.

Community foundations and their donors stand at an epicenter—where the need for help, the desire to help, and the means to help converge. From this center, the power to change lives radiates out in scores of ways, sustaining and enhancing life, improving communities, preserving culture and heritage, and impacting health and human services in critical and lasting ways.