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Why Use LVCF

There are many reasons to donate to the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation:

  • Community foundations offer permanence—your charitable fund will be here “for good…forever” providing grants in your name for decades and centuries to come.

  • Community foundations are "agile servants," offering flexible and customized philanthropy to meet the needs of donors and the community.

  • Community foundations are trustworthy stewards of charitable funds.

  • Community foundations are governed by unpaid boards committed to philanthropy and to community betterment, serving without motives of profit, benefit, or advantage.

  • Community foundations excel in the due diligence and legal compliance which have become central to gift receipt and grantmaking.

  • Community foundations work easily and effectively with professional advisors.

  • Community foundations allow anyone to be a philanthropist, welcoming gifts from those of moderate and even modest means as well as those who are wealthy.

  • Community foundations are not restricted in the scope of their grantmaking—from art museums to animal shelters, from classrooms to operating rooms, concert halls to city halls, grants from Community Foundation funds are improving life in the community in hundreds of ways.

  • While the vast majority of its grants are made in the Lehigh Valley, the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation can also make grants, if donors desire, to qualified non-profits in other states and even internationally.


A Trusted Philanthropic Hub in the Lehigh Valley

The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation is “Confirmed in Compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.” Accreditation represents operational effectiveness to foster excellence in community philanthropy