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Existing Funds

Agency Funds | Focusing on the Nonprofit Mission

Establishing an agency fund allows a nonprofit to focus on its mission while benefiting from the operational efficiencies, oversight and visibility that LVCF offers. Below are the Agency Funds currently held at the Community Foundation:

Area-of-Interest Funds | Choosing a Cause

An area-of-interest fund supports programs & initiatives that tackle issues of your choosing, such as the environment, camperships, or no-kill animal shelters.

A donor-defined area-of-interest fund distributes grants based on the recommendations of a community committee that oversees a specific initiative. Below are the donor-defined area-of-interest funds currently held by the Community Foundation:

A community area-of-interest fund distributes grants based on LVCF’s community research to identify worthy charitable programs in the specified area-of-interest.

Community Partnership Funds for Discretionary Grantmaking

Donor-Advised Funds

Donor Designated Funds


Dr. Charles L. Best Fund
Calabrese-Collina Wedding Celebration Fund
Andrew Rabbat Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
Anthony Severo Memorial Grow-A-Fund
WDIY Grow-A-Fund

Scholarship/Award Funds

Unrestricted Funds