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Existing Funds

Agency Funds | Focusing on the Nonprofit Mission

Establishing an agency fund allows a nonprofit to focus on its mission while benefiting from the operational efficiencies, oversight and visibility that LVCF offers. Below are the Agency Funds currently held at the Community Foundation:

Area-of-Interest Funds | Choosing a Cause

An area-of-interest fund supports programs & initiatives that tackle issues of your choosing, such as the environment, camperships, or no-kill animal shelters.

A donor-defined area-of-interest fund distributes grants based on the recommendations of a community committee that oversees a specific initiative. Below are the donor-defined area-of-interest funds currenty held by the Community Foundation:

A community area-of-interest fund distributes grants based on LVCF’s community research to identify worthy charitable programs in the specified area-of-interest.

Community Partnership Funds for Discretionary Grantmaking

250th Book Fund
E. Spencer & Nellie C. Addison Fund
Margaret Ann Bachert Fund
Randy H. & Ramona A. Bruch Fund
Community Fund for Arts, Culture & Heritage
Community Fund for Education

Community Fund for Environment & Science
Community Fund for Health Care
Community Fund for Human Services

Daniel-Holben Fund
Lucille F. Driver Fund
Donald & Alice Farquharson Fund
Ben Franklin Trust Fund
Fund for Community Development

Eugene G. Grace, Jr. Fund
Greene Family Fund
Deborah S. Haight Fund
Betsy & Jack Jordan Fund
Lehigh Valley Helping Hand Fund

Martina M. Malone Fund
The Pine Fund
Anthony J. Ruggiero Fund
Michael C. Schrader Fund

Donor-Advised Funds

Alan & Marsha Abraham Fund
The Arbor Insurance Group Community Fund
The Arbor Insurance Group Foundation Fund
Barnette Fund
Walter & Alma Bastian Fund
Bethlehem Rotary Club Fund
Eric B. & Denise M. Blew Fund
Borda Family Fund
Cesar Bourdon Memorial Fund
Geoff & Wenda Boyer Fund
Building Fund
Burdette Family Fund
Michael J. & Sandra R. Caruso Fund
Mike Caruso Fund
Client 1st Foundation Fund
Grace Kathryn & Jeffrey P. Feather Fund
W. Beall & Marlene O. Fowler Fund
Stephen & Joyce Gehringer Charitable Family Fund
The Grifo Family Fund
Dolly Haltzman Foundation for the Arts Fund

The Heydt Family Fund
Ray & Donna Holton Charitable Fund
Steven W. Kraft and Margot R. K. Hillman Fund
Kressler, Wolff & Miller Fund
Sylvia Fenstermacher Lawler Foundation for the Arts Fund
Lehigh County Lawyers' Charitable Fund
Lehigh Valley Coalition for Kids Fund
Robert H. & Jean C. Littner Fund
Lötter Family Fund
MAK Fund
John F. & Jane H. Malloy Fund
L. Charles & Ruth H. Marcon Fund
Dr. Richard D. Martin Memorial Fund
McNairy Family Fund
McNairy Fund
Olexa Family Foundation Fund
Ronald R. Perin Fund
Angela René Pessina Foundation Fund
Matthew & Erika Petrozelli Fund
Pharo Family Fund
Prometheus Fund
The Ramos School Playground Project Fund
Raymond–Cryder Donor Advised Fund
J.B. & Kathleen Reilly Fund
St. Luke's Hospital Medical Staff Fund
Justin Sheftel Memorial Fund
Star Foundation Fund
Stershic Family Fund
Glenn M. Taggart Memorial Fund
Jack & Ann Follett-Terres Fund for Compassionate Care
Donald H. & Mary R. Trautlein Fund
Two Tunics Fund
Charles Versaggi Future Fund

Wombat Fund
Betty & Scotty Wood Memorial Fund
Ilene & Robert Wood Striving to Make a Difference Fund
Stella C. Yee Memorial Fund
James and Naomi Yergey Fund
Ryan J. Zawada Memorial Fund

Donor Designated Funds

William B. & Elizabeth Behr Agocs Geophysical Research Fund
American Red Cross – Lehigh Valley Chapter Fund
Clayton W. & Helen H. Bernhardt/V.J. Pazzetti, Jr. Fund
Benjamin C. Boylston-Kemerer Museum Fund
Benjamin C. & Eleanor A. Boylston Fund for the Lehigh Valley Chapter, American Red Cross
H. Bridges & Lucile P. Boylston Fund
Boys & Girls Club of Bethlehem Restricted Endowment #1
Camp Compass Fund
Patrick J. & Christine Connell Fund
Marjorie S. & Joseph E. Correll Fund
Daniel-Holben Designated Fund
Leonard R. Dimmick Fund for Burnside Plantation
Equi-librium Therapeutic Horsemanship Fund
Fowler Family Fund
Joseph R. Gagnier Memorial Fund
Marion Brown Grace Memorial Fund
Luther J. Hottle Fund
Nancy S. & Charles E. Keenan Endowment Fund
Barry M. Kessler Charitable Fund
Kenneth & Elizabeth Kressler Fund
Deborah A. Libricz Memorial Fund
Magee Family Fund
Charles & Ruth Marcon United Way Fund
Mary & Jack McNairy Fund
Dr. Russell E. Morgan, Sr. Fund
Delphine Quinn Perpetual Fund

Raymond-Cryder Designated Fund
Safe Start Fund
Salesian Center Fund
Arthur E. Schaeffer Trust Fund
Shoemaker-Bond Home Association, Inc. Fund
Theatre Organ Arts Fund
Thun Fund

George T. Walker Charitable Fund
Yergey Fund for Muhlenberg College
Warren W. York Fund To Benefit the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley


Dr. Charles L. Best Fund
Calabrese-Collina Wedding Celebration Fund
Andrew Rabbat Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
Anthony Severo Memorial Grow-A-Fund
WDIY Grow-A-Fund

Scholarship/Award Funds

Elizabeth Behr Agocs Scholarship Fund
Ann C. Bernard Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bethlehem Educational Scholastic Trust (B.E.S.T.) Fund
Bethlehem & Morning Star Rotary Clubs Scholarship Fund in Remembrance of Stephen P. Godbolt
Debra "Frau" Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund
Reverend Douglas Caldwell Fund for Nursing Excellence

Truman L. Frey, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Stephanie Olexa and Seth Weber Scholarship Fund

Miss Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund
Dr. Joseph A. Perna & Hilda Ramos Perna Memorial Scholarship Fund
The William and Jamie Soukup Reid Memorial Scholarship Fund
Arthur E. & Myrl G. Schaeffer Scholarship Fund

Anthony Severo Memorial Scholarship Fund
Justin Sheftel Scholarship Fund
Katie Stauffer Memorial Fund
The Catherine Hilaire Thompson Nursing Scholarship Fund
The Sue Ratzell Scholarship Fund for Nursing
Edwin F. Van Billiard Scholarship Fund
Betty Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund
Wilson High School 2006 Football Champions Scholarship Fund
Woman's Club of Bethlehem Fund

Unrestricted Funds

Adams Final Fund
Rolland L. Adams Fund
Rolland L. & Pauline H. Adams Fund
Aaron Burr Baldree Fund
Madeline S. & Frank R. Barnako Fund
Clayton W. & Helen H. Bernhardt Fund
Bethlehem 225th Anniversary Fund
Buckley Family Fund
Dorothy & Joseph Conroy Fund
Helen Adams DeRiemer Fund
Globe Times/WGPA Charities Fund
Carol Dean Henn Community Fund
Kutteroff Family Fund
Frank L. Marcon Fund
Horace R. Miller Fund
Operating Endowment Fund
Perna Family Fund
Albert M. Reed Fund
Katharine March & Stanley J. Thomas Memorial Fund