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The Circle of Seasons Building Transformation Fund

Circle of Seasons Charter School is a community of families and educators bringing to the Northwestern Lehigh School District and the greater Lehigh Valley a Waldorf-Methods curriculum committed to nourishing and educating the whole child. The Waldorf-Methods approach to education is an inspirational and disciplined approach; one that infuses learning with enthusiasm, creativity and significance.  Additionally, in combination with Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, the curriculum uses a “whole child” approach to support children’s physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development in a non-sectarian environment. It is sensitive to children’s developmental needs and their individual navigation of developmental stages. It fully incorporates music, arts, crafts, movement, drama, handwork, foreign language and creative play. It uses poetry, legends, folk tales, mythology, histories, and biographies to deliver the curriculum. It teaches respect for others and the environment. 

In addition to classroom work, certain subjects will be taught while utilizing the property’s natural assets through activities such as farming, animal rearing, developing and maintaining an eco-system and discovery of the forest.  For example, in the third grade children become more aware of themselves and the physical environment in which they live.  As a result, a new interest in practical, real world skills emerge.  They are not only practicing reading and math but now have the ability to apply these skills to everyday situations.  The third grade curriculum incorporates a farming block to support their integration into the physical world while continuing to further develop academically.  This provides a structure where children can not only use their new math skills to lay out garden plots, count seeds, or measure rows, but to also sell their produce at after school farmers markets where they will use their knowledge of counting money, making change and figuring out profits.  Additionally, the children will learn firsthand about the science behind farming such as how plants make energy through photosynthesis, the function of water and soil as well as how to maintain the delicate ecosystem that supports their efforts and the environment. 

Strategies like this are used in all the grades to provide developmentally appropriate learning through methods that will create lifelong skills and knowledge. This focus on building a solid foundation is what separates us from public schools and will ultimately lead to a generation of children that are both socially and academically prepared to be successful in college and beyond.    

To facilitate our mission we are in need of purchasing and transforming the building and grounds where the school currently resides.   The 40-acre property is located on a hillside in Fogelsville, PA, and overlooks the Lehigh Valley. The campus is ideally located and offers the resource potential to support the curriculum with trails, streams, ponds, fields, arable land and thick forest. It was the former Penn State Allentown campus and offers an ideal setting to accomplish the endeavor of being the first public Waldorf school east of the Mississippi.

You can help support the purchase of our home for Circle of Seasons Charter School by contributing to The Circle of Seasons Building Transformation Fund at the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation. 

Established in 1967 as the Bethlehem Area Foundation, LVCF was regionalized and re-named in 1992 in order to serve the entire Lehigh Valley.  What was preserved in this transition is the true community spirit of the Community Foundation.  Community foundations are independent, public charities that steward philanthropic resources from institutional and individual donors to community-based organizations.  They are recognized for their flexibility, permanence and trustworthiness.  Today, LVCF manages almost 200 charitable funds representing over $40 million in assets.

This Fund at LVCF will safely hold donor gifts until Circle of Seasons is ready to purchase and renovate the property.  LVCF is a 501(c)(3) public charity so your gift is tax deductible.  LVCF accepts many different types of gifts such as checks, credit card payments, appreciated securities and many others.  Please contact LVCF with any questions about whether the Foundation can accept your gift type. 

Gifts in the form of a check can be made payable to The Circle of Seasons Building Transformation Fund and mailed to The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation, 840 West Hamilton Street, Suite 310, Allentown, PA 18101

Gifts can also be made via credit card by clicking the PayPal 'Donate' button below.  A PayPal account is not required to make an online gift to the Fund.