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IRA Rollover and Retirement Accounts

Donors can name LVCF as a full or partial beneficiary of their IRA, retirement fund or any financial account. Such a gift provides income and estate tax benefits and helps maximize bequests to your family. For larger estates, a good portion of IRA wealth goes to estate taxes and income taxes of non-spousal beneficiaries; heirs may receive less than 50 percent of IRA assets passed on to them through estates. Instead, IRA holders may choose to leave their IRAs to the Community Foundation.

IRA Rollover

On Friday, December 18, 2015, Congress passed the PATH Act making the IRA Charitable Rollover and two other charitable giving incentives permanent law.

What does this mean for our donors?

The IRA Charitable Rollover provision allows individuals who have reached age 70½ to donate up to $100,000 to charitable organizations directly from their Individual Retirement Account (IRA), without treating the distribution as taxable income.

We are ready to help you with your IRA Charitable Rollover as a gift into a designated, area-of-interest, or unrestricted charitable fund. 

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