Spark Grant Application FAQ 2016-17

Q:  How do I access the online application?

A:  To access the application directly, CLICK HERE, or visit the Spark Grant page on the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation website at There you will find additional instructions and resources for completing an application using Foundant.

Q:  What internet browser do you recommend I use?

A:  Google Chrome 14 or higher, or Safari 4 or higher. You may use Internet Explorer or Firefox, but you may experience some technical issues.

Q:  How do I know if I need to create new account?

A:   If your organization applied for a grant for the current 2016 Community Partnership cycle, you will not need to create a new account and will log in to the system by entering your organization’s existing log–in credentials. 

Q:  What information do I need to create a new account?

A:   You will need the following to get started:

  • A username that is an email address
  • Your contact information
  • Your organization’s information, including the EIN/Tax ID number (required)
  • Contact information for any other organization representatives who may apply on behalf of the organization.

Q: Do I have to complete my application all at once?

A:  No. At the bottom of the application is a “Save as Draft” button. We recommend you save your application often and before logging out. You can log in at a later time to continue working on your application.

Q:  Why am I losing my application edits?

A:  There are a few common reasons why this can happen:

  • If you stay on one page for an extended period of time without saving, your account may “time out” without warning.
  • A weak internet connection may momentarily disconnect your computer while you are working on the application.
  • As a safeguard, we recommend that you:
  • Save your application often
  • Cut and paste your application answers after each question into a Word document to save as backup.

To restore your edits, try:

  •  Re-loading your internet page, as sometimes the browser will cache an older version of your page.
  •  Logging out, wait a few minutes, and then log back in and re-open your application.

Q:  What file formats will be accepted for attachments?

A:  All files that are required to be uploaded during the application process must be in a PDF format (.pdf).

Q:  If I do not have the required attachments in the required format, can I deliver them to you?

A:  No. The online system will not allow you to submit your application unless you attach the required materials. If you do not have the ability to save or print documents to a PDF file, you can scan the information into a PDF file.

The system provides a ‘Fax to File’ option located under the ‘Tools’ section to the left of your application.  This can be used to convert documents from hard copy format to digital format so that they may be uploaded in the system.

Q:  How do I print my application for my records?

A:  To print or save a paper copy of your application for your own records, login to the application portal and choose the Application Packet link. This will create a PDF of your application. You can print or save this document. You will always have access to your application by logging back into the application portal, even after you submit it.

Questions: If you have specific questions concerning the grants management system, please contact Janis Strohl, Accounting and Operations Assistant, at (610) 351-53-53, ext. 16 or email