Spark Grants | Terms and Conditions

1) Grants must be used strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined herein.  The grant will be used for the charitable activities of your organization for the project specified in your application. You will provide us with immediate written notification of: (1) any changes to your organization’s tax-exempt status or (2) inability to expend the grant for the specified charitable purpose.

2) Spark Grant finalists selected from Phase 1 are required to submit a one-minute video that will be posted on the Community Foundation’s Facebook page and website. Community members will be encouraged to engage in the grants process by viewing the videos and voting for a program/video of interest over a two-week period (to be announced for each issue).  The purpose of the video is to engage the community through a public awareness campaign in support of the six issues and organizations making a difference.  The videos will be promoted through the Community Foundation’s social media, website, and other online channels where visitors may vote on the videos they prefer. Video voting is one measure for consideration in the evaluation process, and does not represent a majority factor.  For more information regarding the video requirement and to view an example video visit the webpage Making a "Be the Spark" Grant Video which contains simple instructions and an example video made by the staff of the Community Foundation using an iPhone.

3) The final awards will be announced in a news release issued by the Community Foundation shortly after grants are issued.  After the news release is issued, your organization is expected to publicize the grant internally (to the board or other appropriate constituencies) and externally (via news release, annual report, and organizational newsletters).  Please refer to it as a “50th Anniversary Spark Grant from the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation.”  You will announce this grant through social media and on your website by linking to no later than one month after receiving notification of the award.  Please contact Michael Wilson, Director of Communications, at with questions or to receive the Foundation’s logo and a news release template.

Grantees are expected to provide quotes (from program participants, staff, and volunteers) relating to this project as well as photos and other materials (children’s drawings, charts, etc.) for use in the Community Foundation’s annual report, website and other promotional materials.  These non-returnable items should be e-mailed to Janis Strohl, Accounting and Operations Assistant, at (610) 351-53-53, ext. 16 or email  The Community Foundation reserves the right to retain and utilize the submissions in its promotional efforts.

4) With your approval of these terms, you consent to the use, publication, reproduction, distribution and public display of your name, photos, video and other material by the Community Foundation or anyone authorized in any manner or media at any time, existing now or created in the future.  Fur ther, you hereby release the Community Foundation from any and all claims that relate to or arise from any use of your name, photos and other material.  The Community Foundation reserves the right in its discretion to edit submitted text and to publish selected excerpts of the text.  The Community Foundation is under no obligation to publish all or any part of your photos or other material.

5) Grantees will be required to submit a Final Report Form to the Community Foundation.  A Final Report Form will be made available on the Foundant system at a future date. The deadline for reporting will be specified in the grant award letter.

6) Grant awards must be used strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined herein. Failure to meet any of the terms and conditions outlined in this document may require repayment of grant funds.