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Community Foundation Shining Spotlight on Veterans Affairs in the Lehigh Valley

Allentown, Pa., November 9, 2017—The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation (LVCF) is conducting a video contest to raise awareness for programs addressing veterans affairs, as part of its 50th Anniversary Spark Grant application process. The organizations are competing for $50,000 in Spark Grant funding to address the issue. The winner(s) will be announced on December 4, 2017

Five finalists were selected from applications seeking funding for initiatives addressing veterans affairs in the Lehigh Valley. Each organization has produced a “home-grown” one-minute video that describes their organization, the project, and brings attention to the needs of veterans in the community. The videos are being shared on social media to increase awareness of the issues and the community is encouraged to vote for their favorites. LVCF’s website and on its Facebook page.

“The organizations are encouraged to mobilize their constituents and the community to visit the contest page, view the videos and vote,” said Michael Wilson, director of communications at LVCF. “The video contest phase was implemented as a way to raise awareness around the issue and the highlight the good work organizations in the Lehigh Valley are doing to address veterans affairs."

The video contest is just one part of the evaluation process to determine which program will receive funding. “After a thorough review by the Spark Grant Evaluation team, five finalists were selected to participate in the second phase of the application process,” said Bernie Story, president and CEO. “At the conclusion of the video contest, the Spark Team will reconvene to discuss the proposals and video results and make a final decision that we will announce at the end of the month.”

The voting period is now open and will run until Friday, November 17. The four finalists are:

  • Victory House of Lehigh Valley | Veteran Aftercare Services Program
  • Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council | LVMAC Veterans Homelessness Programs
  • Lehigh Valley Health Network | Military and Veteran Resource/Information Center (MAVRIC)
  •  Equi-librium | Horsemanship for Heroes
  • Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley | Food Access for Veterans

The Spark Series | Veterans Affairs is the sixth and final program that is being held to coincide with the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation's 50th anniversary year of special grantmaking. Support the cause with a gift to the Community Foundation for veterans affairs initiatives. For more information visit: 50th Anniversary Spark Grants.