LVCF Lehigh Valley Arts & Culture Relief Fund

LVCF’s Arts and Culture Relief Fund to Maintain Community Vibrancy

Lehigh Valley Community Foundation is committed to the recovery and “reimagining” of the sector in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.  The struggles are far from over, and the sector affected significantly by the crisis, Arts and Culture, continues to struggle for the foreseeable future, as their operations rely on community performances, gatherings, and public events.  In addition to services and programs being cancelled, Arts and Culture is often seen as non-essential, and therefore overlooked in recovery efforts.  Our goal with this fund was t0 bring attention to the needs of the sector, and inspire creative recovery efforts.

The Arts & Culture Relief Fund provided critical support to Lehigh Valley nonprofits focused on this integral element of our region’s identity and economy.  These organizations are woven into the fabric of our region’s life, and we need them to be here when our “new normal” begins.

In 2020,  Lehigh Valley Community Foundation created a grant opportunity for arts and cultural organizations in the Lehigh Valley through its Lehigh Valley Arts and Culture Relief Fund (ACRF). This fund  supported organizations whose mission is to serve the Lehigh Valley region with quality programming and/or education in art, music, cultural heritage, dance, theater, history, humanities, museums and performing arts venues.

The Community Foundation Thanks the Following for their Support of the Arts and Culture Relief Fund:

  • The Dexter F. and Dorothy H. Baker Foundation
  • Beall Fowler
  • Capital Blue Cross
  • The Cultural Coalition of Allentown
  • Bob & Susan Gadomski
  • Kressler, Wolff, and Miller
  • Stershic Family Fund
  • Torrey Family Fund

Thank You Advisory Committee

The Community Foundation led the administration of the Fund including the grantmaking process and decisions with the expertise of an advisory committee who provided insight into needs and gaps.  This approach provided oversight in ensuring that dollars are distributed using an equitable approach, with regard for diversity in organization type, geography, and other factors.

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Carrie Krug Nedick
Director of Donor Services

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For your reference, the charts below illustrate some of the results from a survey conducted by the Cultural Coalition