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Existing Funds

LVCF COVID-19 Response Fund

Lehigh Valley Community Foundation has established the LVCF COVID-19 Response Fund to support a regional, coordinated effort to rapidly deploy resources to community-based, front line nonprofit organizations in the Lehigh Valley. Learn more...


Agency Funds | Focusing on the Nonprofit Mission

Establishing an agency fund allows a nonprofit to focus on its mission while benefiting from the operational efficiencies, oversight and visibility that LVCF offers. Below are the Agency Funds currently held at the Community Foundation:

Area-of-Interest Funds | Choosing a Cause

An area-of-interest fund supports programs & initiatives that tackle issues of your choosing, such as the environment, camperships, or no-kill animal shelters.

A donor-defined area-of-interest fund distributes grants based on the recommendations of a community committee that oversees a specific initiative. Below are the donor-defined area-of-interest funds currently held by the Community Foundation:

A community area-of-interest fund distributes grants based on LVCF’s community research to identify worthy charitable programs in the specified area-of-interest.

Community Partnership Funds for Discretionary Grantmaking | Meeting the Region’s Changing Needs

Community Partnership Funds make sure the needs of tomorrow’s Lehigh Valley are met.  Donors rely on the deep community knowledge & experience of the Community Foundation to support the effective work of nonprofits throughout the region, forever.

Donor-Advised Funds | Remaining Deeply Involved in Your Giving

You recommend a grant, we do the paperwork and due diligence.  We offer personalized service and deep community knowledge – a true partner in philanthropy.

Donor Designated Funds | Defining Your Giving

Name specific nonprofits to receive grants, and we will make those grants over time.  Should circumstances significantly change, our board can put the money to use for other similar charitable work.  Giving parameters are set at the time the fund is established, so your giving is on auto-pilot.  It is the most common way to preserve your charitable legacy.


Geographic Affiliate

Scholarship/Award Funds | The Means to Further Education

These funds allow donors to invest in the future by helping deserving students pursue higher education.

Unrestricted Funds | Supporting Your Community Endowment

The flexibility of unrestricted giving enables the Community Foundation to respond to the community’s most pressing needs, including its own operations, today and tomorrow.

ASK ERIKA | Ask me which type of fund is right for you and how the Community Foundation can help you create a lasting legacy and make a difference in the community....

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