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DonorCentral Frequently Asked Questions


General Information

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Donor Central site?

Please contact Carrie Krug Nedick, at 610-351-5353 or by email with any technical questions.  Download DonorCentral FAQ

How do I set up two-step authentication on my Blackbaud ID?

DonorCentral is a product of Blackbaud, Inc.  One of the ways to access DonorCentral is by establishing and using a Blackbaud ID which will require use of the e-mail address the Foundation has on file.   Blackbaud allows users to add another layer of security by establishing two-step authentication under Authentication settings on your Blackbaud ID profile. Here you can view and manage how you sign into your Blackbaud ID. The following link contains instructions on ways to configure your log-in:

What happens if my e-mail address changes?

Your e-mail address is the direct link from our database system to DonorCentral and is an important part of accessing the site.  If your e-mail address changes or is closed due to a move, job change, etc., please contact LVCF with your new e-mail address so we can update our system and so that there is no interruption to your DonorCentral access. Once your new e-mail address has been updated, another welcome e-mail will be generated and you will continue to have access to your fund(s). Follow the same steps you did the first time you logged into DonorCentral.

Fund Activity

Do I have access to previous fund statements?

The first fund statement that will appear on your DonorCentral site is the December 31, 2018 statement.  All future semi-annual fund statements will be available on the site.  While you will not see previously issued statements on the site, various functions on the site will allow you to see all past activity and quarterly values from the earlier of your fund’s inception date or July 1, 2000.

How do I view or download my fund statements?
On the welcome page under the View your LVCF fund details & activity section, select View latest fund statement (7/1/2018-12/31/-2018) on the right-hand side of the screen. A pop-up box will open to signify that you are trying to open a file and will ask what your browser should do with the file. You have two options:

1. Click Open and select Browse and a handful of options will appear. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader downloaded on your computer, you can choose that option and the file will open as a PDF file. If you do not have Adobe, choose Internet. The statement will then open in the Internet Explorer browser and can be saved to your computer or printed.

2. Click Save File. The statement will save to the downloads folder on your computer’s drive. You must then choose, just like the first option, how to open the file. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, click on that option. If you do not have Adobe, choose Internet Explorer. The statement will then open in the Internet Explorer browser and can be saved to your computer or printed.

Where can I find the gifts and grants for my fund for the current statement period?

Your fund statement will only show a summary of activity.  If you would like to see detailed gift and grant activity, DonorCentral allows you to easily see this information.  To see this detail, select Funds on the menu.  Under Fund Details, there is a drop-down box that allows you to choose custom filters/dates to filter your fund’s activity.  Enter the date range you would like to see activity for (ex: July 1 to December 31) and select Go. The page will reload and the activity will update to show total amounts of grants paid and gifts received for this specific period of time. If you would like to view specific information about gifts or grants, click on the number above the category. To remove the filter, change the drop-down box back to ‘All’.

Where can I find specific donor information?

DonorCentral gives you the ability to see specific details about gifts made to your fund. On the DonorCentral homepage, select View your LVCF fund details & activity and click on ‘see more fund details.’ A screen will appear with totals for different categories of activity.  Select Gifts and scroll down to see detailed information about individual gifts. Here you will be able to view specific gift details such as the date the gift was made, the type of gift, the amount and the donor’s name and address.

Fund Asset Information

When I’m looking at the market value of my funds, what does calendar year and Q1-Q4 actually mean for my fund?

DonorCentral does not allow customization of certain tools, such as the market value bar, and therefore on the market value bar, the calendar year is actually the Foundation’s fiscal year ended June 30.  The quarters are based on a June 30 fiscal year as illustrated below.

What do the investment pools under asset allocation on the market value tab mean?

This details the portfolio where your fund is invested.  The Foundation’s three default portfolios for funds are as follows:

Money Market-Preservation Portfolio: For pass through funds and certain non-endowed funds. This money market account has low investment risk and is for short-term grantmaking, generally less than 12 months

Investments-Conservative Allocation Portfolio: For certain non-endowed funds, determined based on donor discussions and historical grantmaking from the fund.  With a 40% equity and 60% fixed income allocation, this portfolio has a moderate investment risk and is for funds with medium-term grantmaking, generally greater than 3 years

Investments-Legacy Portfolio: For endowed funds and funds that act like endowed funds, such as quasi-endowed agency funds.  With an 80% equity and 20% fixed income allocation, this portfolio has an aggressive investment risk and is for funds with long-term or permanent grantmaking.

Grant Recommendation Information for Donor Advisors

How do I make a new standing grant recommendation?
To make a standing grant recommendation, you will use the same process as you would to make any other grant recommendation through Donor Central. Create a new recommendation, and choose the organization you would like to make the standing recommendation for. On the bottom of page two of the form, click ‘is recurring’. Here you can enter the start date of the standing grant, as well as an ending date (not required). For the start date, please enter the date you are submitting the grant application. Please make a note that this grant is a standing grant and the date you would like the grant to begin in the “Please provide additional program information or special processing information here:” You can then enter the frequency of the standing grant. (Note: if you wish to make a grant monthly, choose every one month, not every 30 days due to the difference of the amount of days in a month) box. Once submitted, you will be able to view your standing grants in the Grants Tab, Manage Recurring. Here you can remove any standing grants you no longer wish to make by clicking the three dots in a circle at the bottom of the recommendation and choose ‘Stop’. If your fund has made standing grants prior to DonorCentral, they have already been uploaded and will appear in Manage Recurring.

How do I make a grant to another LVCF fund?

Create a new grant recommendation form; when choosing an organization pick ‘LVCF Gift to Another Fund’. Continue through the process as you would when submitting a regular grant recommendation, but make a note in the Special Processing box about which LVCF fund you wish to make the grant to.

What does the ‘Other Information’ box on the grant recommendation form mean?

Grantees have expressed the wish to thank donors directly for supporting their organization, and donors have often asked that we share their addresses with grantees. Unless a donor has indicated their desire to remain anonymous, our standard grant transmittal letter has always provided the names(s) of the advisor who recommended the grant. Moving forward, we will automatically also share your address with grantees on a grant by grant basis. The ‘Other Information’ box on the grant recommendation form allows you to opt out of sharing your address with grantees.  Please see the sample transmittal letter found under Resources on the DonorCentral menu.

Why can’t I submit a grant of less than $250?

LVCF’s minimum grant amount is $250, and therefore, DonorCentral will not allow you to submit a grant request of under $250. The system will allow you to enter an amount lower than this; however, there is no warning message that will pop-up while filling out the recommendation.  The system will not allow you to submit the recommendation, and the request will be labeled ‘Not Ready’ under your unsubmitted grant applications. You will only be able to submit the grant recommendation if the amount is changed to $250 or more.

Why does my grant recommendation confirmation e-mail show a grant purpose and program name?

If you choose to make a grant to an organization you have granted to in the past by choosing the recommend again” button, you will be taken through the same process as entering a “new” grant by entering an amount, program name, etc. However, when you receive the confirmation e-mail that your grant has been submitted, there will be a purpose in the “grant purpose” line and “program name” line. The system populates the old grant purpose from your fund’s history into the “grant purpose” line. For processing purposes, LVCF will use the information on the “program name” line.