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FAQs for Census 2020

FAQs for Census 2020

How can my organization apply for funding for census-related activities?

LVCF is currently prioritizing organizations that are located within the highest risk areas of being undercounted, therefore, there is not an open application process at this time. The community foundation has invited specific partner organizations to apply for the opportunity that will have the most impact on the priority geographical areas. If you would like technical assistance & training on the Census or more information about how you might get involved, please contact Megan Briggs, LVCF’s Director of Community Investments, at

What do you mean by “undercounted populations?”

Undercounted populations are groups of people who haven’t been accurately counted in the past.

Undercounts happen for many reasons. People may not understand the census, may not trust the government, or may not want to share their information. For the purposes of the LVCF’s efforts, undercounted populations include communities such as people of color, young children and people experiencing homelessness. Because the 2020 Census will be primarily conducted online, seniors and communities with limited internet access are also at risk of being undercounted.

How much help can my organization provide to people when they fill out the census?

Organizations can assist people in understanding what the census is and what it is used for, accessing the online form, navigating the census website, understanding what to expect on the form. Your organization may devise other strategies to promote census participation in undercounted populations.

The U.S. Census Bureau highly discourages individuals from filling out another household’s census form. If the members of a household have challenges completing the form online or on paper, they will be able to fill out the census over the phone. When that phone number is made available, we will update this page to include it.

Is the 2020 census only available online?

No. Paper copies of the census form will be available. The census can also be completed by phone. However, to save cost and improve accuracy, the U.S. Census Bureau will strongly encourage households to fill the census out online.

In which languages will the 2020 Census be available?

The online-questionnaire will be available in 12 non-English languages Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Tagalog, Polish, French, Haitian, Creole, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese. Mandarin and Cantonese will also be available via phone.

How will people receive the 2020 census?

Every household will have the option of responding online, by mail or by phone. Nearly every household will receive an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census in the mail, starting in March 2020. Follow up communication from the Census bureau will eventually include a paper survey.

If you skip questions, will your census still count?

The Census Bureau encourages everyone to fill out the entire Census.

Will the citizenship question be on the 2020 census?

It depends on the ruling of the Supreme Court. Lower courts have ruled that the question is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear the case in April and provide a ruling by June 2019.

Does everyone in my family need to fill out the Census?

The Census is a household survey, based on address. One person should fill out the Census on behalf of everyone who lives at that address, including all adults and all children. Children under 5 are the largest undercounted population, so including them is critical to a fair and accurate count.

Is the Census Bureau hiring? How can I apply?

The federal government hires many people to help with the Census. Applications are taken online at


We will update this page with new questions as we receive them.

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