NPE Intake Questions

Intake Questions – If your organization has completed an eligibility assessment form and submission form, staff will review to ensure that your organization is an eligible candidate and reach out to schedule an intake interview. Below are the standard questions that will be asked in the intake interview:

  1. Please describe the project that you are submitting for funding. What is the organizational challenge or strength that you want to address or build on through the project?
  2. How was the project described above identified as a top priority for funding? Provide information about the process the organization used to assess itself to identify the particular project as a top priority for funding at this time. Who were the key stakeholders involved in the selection process? 
  3. How/why/what will be different at the organization or for the people the organization serves as a result of this funding?
  4. How will the funding be put to use in your organization (example: staff time, consultant, technology)? 
  5. Non-Discrimination Screening: What do you believe and how do you live by what you believe? 
  6. Could you describe what stage your organization is currently in, when you think about your overall organizational growth? What is on the horizon for your organization?

Choices: Idea Startup Growth Maturity Decline Crisis Other

  1. If approved for funding, would your organization be willing and have the capacity to spend additional time over the course of the grant period to work with the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation on assessing this pilot initiative? In order to evaluate the program’s success and to further the impact in future years, LVCF is searching for grantees that will be willing to participate in the evaluation activities. The commitment would potentially include the following activities: participating in surveys, testing out an assessment tool (LVCF would NOT see the results of the assessment), attending focus sessions, and engaging in the community of practice (peer-to-peer learning). 
    1. Estimate of Community of Practice hours = 20 hours
    2. Estimate of Survey and Evaluation Time = 8 hours