CORE Fellowship Program

CORE Fellowship Program

This fellowship is a three-year capacity building process designed to bring diverse Lehigh Valley nonprofit leaders together to center equity in themselves, their relationships, their organizations, and the Lehigh Valley non-profit sector. There are three sections describing the Fellowship Program:

  • About the CORE Fellowship Program – This section details the fellowship’s goals, design team partners, process, change, and expected outcomes. It also includes a description of the core tenents of this work, and the values of the design team that has collaborated to create this fellowship program.
  • CORE Fellowship Program Design – This section includes a description of the phases of the program, including what will be required of fellows and their organizations during each phase of the program.
  • Information to Apply to the CORE Fellowship ProgramPrior to applying for the program, please read the information detailed in the About the CORE Fellowship Program and the Core Fellowship Program Design section. This section details all information necessary to apply to the CORE Fellowship Program, including eligibility, requirements, timeline, who to contact, and how to access technical help.

Core Fellowship Glossary– Many of the terms used in the program description require definition, therefore we created a glossary that we consider a work-in-progress as a resource for applicants.

Download the Core Fellowship Program Overview Document | PDF

Thank you to all those who attended the CORE Fellowship Release Release Party on March 15 | Flyer PDF