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The Lehigh Valley Synergy Fund

Synergy Fund Applications are Accepted on a Rolling Basis

A renewed spirit of collaboration exists in the Lehigh Valley, with our public, private and social sectors working together to significantly improve and sustain community conditions.
With 1,400 nonprofit organizations, 87% focused on human services, it is critical that community partners recognize the power of collaboration, affiliation and efficiencies as stewards of our community’s resources. The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation, together with the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley will lead and foster these key ingredients toward collaborations in multiple ways, one of which is encouraging and supporting Nonprofit Mergers.
The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation and United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley will promote and support Nonprofit Mergers in two ways:

1. Create awareness and education about the types, benefits and resources needed to successfully carry out and sustain a merge between two or more nonprofit organizations.

2. Promote the availability of a shared “area of interest” fund called the Lehigh Valley Synergy Fund providing support to non-profits engaging in various levels of collaboration and beyond.

How to Apply for the Synergy Fund:
1. Please contact Megan Briggs at to set up an initial phone call regarding your interest in applying for the fund. Both representatives from each organization are required to participate in the initial phone call. 
2. After the initial phone call, if the project is a good fit for the Synergy Fund, you will receive an invitation to apply. Applications are received on a rolling basis. If you are interested in reviewing the application, Please download the application here.
Please note: you must be invited to apply for the fund. The application is posted here for your general information and guidance. 
3. Once a complete application is received, the Synergy Fund committee will review your application and materials.
4. Notification will be sent to each organization that is involved in project submission. 
If you have questions about your organization's eligibility or fit for the fund, please contact Megan Briggs,

Lehigh Valley Synergy Fund FAQ

Lehigh Valley Synergy Fund FAQ (PDF) - This FAQ provides background information that is helpful for understanding the Synergy Fund, the application process, requirements, and key definitions.

Questions/Technical Assistance

ASK MEGAN | Learn more about the Synergy Fund at LVCF and discuss your situation

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