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Who Got the Golden Ticket From the 50th Anniversary Capstone Celebration?

During 50th Anniversary Capstone celebration, LVCF distirubted Premise Maid chocolate bars during the event. One contained a "Golden Ticket."  Bernie Story, president and CEO of LVCF, announced the Community Foundation would make a grant to one of the Spark Grantees in the name of the holder.

Robin Cunconan-Lahr, board chair of Mikayla’s Voice, received the Golden Ticket and directed the grant to the organization.

"We got a golden ticket!" Thanks again to the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation! Everyone who attended their 50th Anniversary Capstone Event received a delicious candy bar from Premise Maid Chocolates And Ice Cream ~ but only one had the golden ticket. Found by Robin, Mikayla's Voice Board Chair, the ticket entitled her to a donation in her name to the grantee of her choice! - Kim Resh, Executive Director, Mikalya's Voice.

Mikayla and Robin Cunconan-Lahr