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Community Foundation Honors Departing Board Members

Allentown, Pa., December 27, 2018—The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation (LVCF) said thank you and farewell to two long-standing members of the Board of Governors at a recent meeting.  The members completing their terms of service at the end of 2018 are Cynthia Lambert Durham, and William Murphy, Esq.

In addition, W. Beall Fowler’s two-year term as chair of the Foundation’s Board of Governors expires at the end of 2018.  Thomas L. Campbell, vice president of institutional advancement at DeSales University, will serve a two-year term as Board chair beginning in 2019.  Vice chair of the Board will be Bonnie S. Coyle, M.D., M.S., chair, Department of Community Health & Preventative Medicine at St. Luke’s Hospital Community Health Department.

“Beall Fowler’s distinguished service as chair of the Foundation has been marked by his wisdom, insights, leadership, and commitment during key times of growth, transition, and community need,” said Bernie Story, president and CEO of the Community Foundation. “At ease with challenge and change, and focused always on the Foundation’s mission and potential, he has served with skillfulness and resolution. His understanding of the community’s needs has enhanced the Foundation’s ability to address those needs. His leadership and commi

“Beall’s chairmanship of the Foundation’s Board has been characterized by vision, conviction, and an ability to cultivate consensus. His personal generosity and commitment to the Foundation’s growth have been exemplary and have helped to significantly increase the Foundation’s charitable assets and its ability to serve the Lehigh Valley in perpetuity.”

W. Beall Fowler, and Bernie Story, thanked each of the members for their service and presented citations at a November Board meeting held at DeSales University.

Cynthia Lambert Durham was recognized for serving six terms as a Governor of the Foundation, three terms from 1996 to 2004 and additional three terms from 2010 to 2018. During her first tenure she served dutifully as vice chair of the Board and chairman of the Board; member of the Grants Committee; chair of the sub-committee on special grants; member and chair of the Executive Committee, the Board Affairs Committee, and Development Committee.

Lambert Durham’s second tenure was defined by her untiring contributions to the Finance, Discretionary Grants, Community Investments, and Community Relations Committees. She has matched her work for the Foundation’s growth with her own exemplary commitment to philanthropy and to the betterment of life in the community.

Serving five terms from 2001 to 2010 and from 2012 to 2018 on the Board of Governors, William Murphy, Esq. has brought an attorney’s insight and expertise to help the Foundation navigate the complexity of the issues during key times of growth and transition. As chair of the Board of Governors, he embodied a community leader’s commitment to philanthropy and community betterment.  His leadership has strengthened the Foundation internally and enhanced its work and visibility.

Murphy’s service on the Legal Affairs Committee helped to guide and inform its decision-making in critical situations. His leadership of the Board Affairs Committee led to the recruitment and retention of strong and capable Governors.  His exemplary personal support of the Foundation has had an indelible effect for good on the Foundation, its governance, development, and operations.


Symbolic transfer of the Board Chair's gavel from Beall Fowler to Tom Campbell