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LVCF Fall Board of Associates Meeting to Focus on Statewide Census Impact

Allentown, Pa., August 16, 2019— Census 2020 and its impact on Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley will be the topic of the fall 2019 meeting of the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation (LVCF) Board of Associates on Tuesday, October 29.  Two distinguished speakers will expand on the importance for Census for Pennsylvanians and how the philanthropic community can help in the effort to ensure a complete count.

Norman Bristol Colón, executive director, Governor’s Census 2020 Complete Count Commission; PA Department of Community & Economic Development; PA Latino Convention will address the census from a historical perspective while explaining what's at stake in Pa. and the Lehigh Valley, and state-level initiatives being undertaken to ensure a complete count. Fred Brown, president & CEO, The Forbes Funds will address what philanthropy can do to support a complete count and civic engagement generally, and how to mobilize community around this issue.

The LVCF Board of Associates meetings are held to engage a broad range of influential community members in a dialogue in order to better serve the Lehigh Valley. After a welcome and update from Michael Stershic, chair of the LVCF Board of Associates, and Bernie Story, LVCF president & CEO, Norman Bristol Colon and Fred Brown will present Census 2020 | It’s all about our Commonwealth.

Pennsylvania receives $39 billion dollars each year from census-derived data to support federal programs ranging from investments in infrastructure and technology to supporting healthcare and education. In 2010, there were many areas of the Lehigh Valley in which 30% or more of the census tract residents did not respond to the census.  Pennsylvania could lose an average of $2,089 per year in federal funds for each person not counted—for 10 years. An undercount of the estimated 670,000 Lehigh Valley residents puts federal funding at risk, while also decreasing the amount of representation our community has in government. Current census predictions show Pennsylvania losing one congressional seat after the 2020 census.  Unfortunately, there is increased national risk of an inaccurate count due to underfunding of the census bureau, the launch of a new online platform, and the current political state.

About Norman Bristol Colón

Norman Bristol ColonNorman Bristol Colón joined the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development earlier this year and was appointed by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to serve as executive director of the Governor’s 2020 Census Complete Count Commission.  Most recently, Bristol Colón served as director of special projects for the Pennsylvania Department of State and Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Commonwealth.  Bristol Colón is the Chairman and Founder of the Pennsylvania Latino Convention—the most comprehensive initiative covering all aspects of Latino life in Pennsylvania.  He is also a member of the National Puerto Rican Agenda—the national organization advocating for the issues impacting the more than 3 million US citizens living in the island of Puerto Rico.

About Fred Brown

Fred BrownFred Brown is president & CEO of The Forbes Funds, a supporting organization of The Pittsburgh Foundation. It's a philanthropic organization focused on strengthening the management capacity and impact of community nonprofits in the Pittsburgh area. Mr. Brown previously served as the president & CEO of the Homewood Children's Village, a non-profit that takes a multi-generational approach to improving quality of life in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood; and previously worked at the Kingsley Association developing green/sustainable communities through holistic visioning, resident capacity building, community empowerment, micro/macro planning and sustainable redevelopment implementation.