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2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Growth Through Partnership

Growth Through Partnership

Background and Executive Summary | Over the past decade the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation has experienced tremendous growth. We have cultivated new philanthropic partners; increased the quantity and, more importantly, quality of relationships in the nonprofit sector; and expanded the size and expertise of its staff. Hand-in-hand with this growth is our increased visibility, credibility, and influence. Donors, nonprofit leaders, community leaders, and others now look to us for insight, involvement, and resources. We have developed a trusted and valued voice, which should be celebrated and amplified.

This strategic plan uses our voice to further establish the Community Foundation as a trusted advisor, partner, and community leader. We have identified goals to inform and lead the work of the Foundation for the next three years. Two of these goals are an “internal lens” through which we view our work.

  1. Nurturing Place-Based Philanthropy
  2. Growing Community Leadership
  3. Centering Equity
  4. Strengthening Structure

Our internal assets are the heart of our work and our greatest strength. The Foundation is incredibly fortunate to have a team of dedicated, knowledgeable staff and Board members. This strategic plan leverages the team’s synergy to advance our role as a community partner, but the plan also allows us to pause, reflect, and carefully consider what we offer and how we offer our services.

Over the past decade the landscape in which we work has also changed. The ‘great wealth transfer’ is upon us, coupled with differing generational views on philanthropy. We are in the midst of a pandemic and a renewed social justice movement. Community foundations across the nation are embracing leadership roles in their communities and speaking more intensely about the role of equity. These shifts could be considered threats to a traditional business model. In this strategic plan we are embracing this evolving landscape to create opportunities for the Foundation to continue its growth.

We look forward to sharing the results of our work, which will not stop in 2025, but rather move to a deeper level of commitment, influence, and partnership.

Download a PDF Copy of the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan | Executive Summary