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LVCF Financials

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Financials of the Foundation

The financial management of the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation is governed by the long-term vision of the Foundation’s permanence as well as its ongoing prudence in the investment and management of its diverse funds. IRS Form 990 is an informational tax form that most tax-exempt organizations must file annually. The form gives the IRS an overview of the organization’s activities, governance and detailed financial information.

Message from the Board Chair and President & CEO

The Foundation has made incredible strides during the fiscal year 2022-23 thanks to the unwavering support of our Staff, our Board of Governors, and our philanthropic partners. We continued to build on our strengths and address our limitations to secure our future as a trusted, agile, and transformational community leader.

In this year’s annual report, we’re inviting you to see what we’ve been up to, particularly our CORE Fellowship program to build inclusive leaders and equitable organizations. This work is nuanced, layered, and complex, but we keep showing up each day because the work is important, the future of our community is important and you are important.

While on this incredible journey of community leadership, we continue to focus on what we have always done – connecting people who care to causes that matter. We welcomed 21 new funds this year across a diverse set of interests. We distributed over $7.2 million dollars to the community, of which almost 90% stayed right here in the Greater Lehigh Valley. As a community endowment, we exist to do good today and in the future. We prioritize a healthy balance of leveraging our resources to address current critical community needs, while sustaining our funds to ensure our ability to respond to future needs that are sure to arise.

We are excited to share these highlights and more from last year. We encourage you to share the pages of this report with friends, family, colleagues, and community members. By spreading the word about our incredible work at the Community Foundation, you can help inspire others to join us in creating positive change. This report reflects your generosity to our community and your hard work, and for that, we are most thankful.

With deepest appreciation and gratitude,

Anne Reid, Chair, Board of Governors and Erika Riddle Petrozelli, President and CEO of LVCF

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