Philanthropic Services

Philanthropic Services

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We are a leader in charitable giving in the Lehigh Valley, receiving support from donors, managing funds to grow over time, and making high-impact grants to local nonprofits. We connect people like you with the causes you care about most.

Make Your Giving Local | LVCF Is here to serve the Lehigh Valley and all its people. Our knowledge of local issues and organizations and our connections across the region make us a perfect choice for donors who want to make a difference right here.

Maximize Your Impact | Drawing on our deep knowledge of the region and its nonprofits, our team can help you identify organizations whose missions align most directly with your interests. We will assist you in ensuring that you make your gifts in the way that yields the greatest tax advantage and impact.

Make Your Giving Easy | Making charitable gifts can be a joy but handling the administrative details and tax implications can be complicated. For those considering starting a private foundation (or already have), we offer the EverGreen Fund an alternative that saves you the expense, effort, and complication of establishing/operating your own foundation.

Ensure Your Legacy | We are the ideal partner for donors who are also committed to long-term impact—who want their generosity to continue to do good after they are gone. We will understand your wishes and manage your funds accordingly.

Profiles in Philanthropy

The Rolland L. Adams Society

All gifts to the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation have an important impact on the Lehigh Valley community. The generosity of individuals and organizations enables the Foundation to continue with its mission to improve the quality of life within the Lehigh Valley. Support is critical to the mission of the Foundation and the health of the Lehigh Valley community.

The Rolland L. Adams Society is the Foundation’s leadership giving society established to recognize and honor the generosity of our donors. The following levels of giving are recognized within the Adams Society:

Governors Club | View
Recognizes donors who have cumulatively donated in excess of $500,000 to a permanent fund or active temporary fund

Philanthropists Club | View
Recognizes donors who have established or directed the establishment of endowed funds.

Community Supporters Club | View
Recognizes donors who have established or directed the establishment of non-endowed funds.

President’s Club | View
Donors who gave at least $1,000 to LVCF for unrestricted use in the fiscal reporting year.

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society recognizes and honors these donors who have made deferred gifts through their will or other planned giving to give back through the Community Foundation. We are grateful for their generosity and philanthropic vision and are pleased to honor and recognize them. View List

ASK Maureen | If you would like more information on starting a fund at LVCF, our Family Legacy Fund, or our Impact Services can benefit you and the community. And she’ here to help with any questions about the MyFund Portal.

Maureen Wendling

Maureen Connolley Wendling
Director of Donor Initiatives
Lehigh Valley Community Foundation
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