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About Us | We are your Foundation in the Community

Lehigh Valley Community Foundation

At the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation, we connect donors who care with causes that matter. A leader in charitable giving in the Lehigh Valley for more than 50 years, we receive support from donors, manage funds to grow over time, and make high-impact grants to strengthen local nonprofits. The Foundation manages more than 300 charitable funds, totaling over $80 million, and we continue to grow—both in size and in the ways we fulfill our mission. We are evolving to engage more deeply with partners, serve more effectively as a thought leader on community issues, and explore more innovative ways to make life better cross the Lehigh Valley.

Make Your Giving Local 

  • The Foundation is here to serve the Lehigh Valley and all its people. 
  • Our knowledge of local issues and organizations and our connections across the region make us a perfect choice for donors who want to make a difference right here. 
  • We are committed to the success of the region’s nonprofits and to their shared goal of making life better for the people in our community. 
  • We believe in this region, its potential, and the power of committed people working together. 

Maximize Your Impact 

  • Drawing on our deep knowledge of the region and its nonprofits, our team can help you identify organizations whose missions align most directly with your interests. 
  • We can research important issues and areas of interest for you, from food and housing to substance use disorders, to the environment. 
  • We can help identify the programs and funding priorities where your money will support organizations’ success in the ways they need it most. 
  • We will assist you in ensuring that you make your gifts in the way that yields the greatest tax advantage. 
  • We host events and programs that connect donors with nonprofits, giving you the chance to see your generosity in action and the impact it has and to become part of a community committed to our region’s progress. 
  • We embrace the philosophy that the wealth in donor-advised funds (DAFs) should be distributed and put to work and are eager to partner with donors who share this view. 

Make Your Giving Easy 

  • Making charitable gifts can be a joy but handling the administrative details and tax implications can be complicated. 
  • At LVCF, we have the expertise to support you fully, and the processes and people to guide you through the complexity. 
  • We offer many types of funds to choose from, and we can guide you to the option that is best for you. 
  • For individuals or families considering starting a private foundation (or those who have already done so), we offer the Family Legacy Fund, an alternative that saves you the expense, effort, and complication of establishing and operating your own foundation. 

Ensure Your Legacy 

  • As a community endowment, LVCF has been thriving for 50 years and is an organization committed to this region for the long-term. 
  • We are the ideal partner for donors who are also committed to long-term impact—who want their generosity to continue to do good after they are gone. 
  • We will understand your wishes and manage your funds accordingly. 
  • If you are concerned that community needs may change over time in ways difficult to foresee, the Foundation can exercise a degree of discretion on your behalf—to meet changing needs while honoring your intentions. 

With a diverse and respected Board of Governors, the Community Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The Foundation is cause-neutral and supports all areas of community needs in the Lehigh Valley and beyond. EIN # 23-1686634

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of State, Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations Certificate of Registration