Mural Donegan Elementary

About the Murals

Illustrating the Region's Diverse Communities

About the Murals | Lehigh Valley Community Foundation

When we began the process of redesigning our website in 2022, we started by thinking about how to best represent our region visually. How could we represent the Lehigh Valley on screen in a way that was colorful, artistic and representative of the people we serve though our place-based philanthropy. We thought what better way to illustrate our region’s diverse communities that live in neighborhoods across the Lehigh Valley than to capture and share the artistic expressions of those who have put paint to walls in a variety of places, depicting a variety of people, places and things are are indicative of our lived experience where we call home.

In the spring and summer of 2022 we scoured the area in search of murals that help tell the Lehigh Valley story through art—and we found plenty. The murals depicted here were photographed by LVCF and interpreted into what you see on the site in the marquee headers and parallax accent images.