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AI in the Nonprofit & Philanthropic Industry

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The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation invites you to attend a three-part speaker series focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Industry. The series, presented by national experts in AI, will provide you with the insight, guidance, and the resources you’ll need to better understand this game-changing technology specific to the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors.

As ChatGPT and other AI technology has taken off, the Community Foundation initiated this speaker series to bring AI national industry leaders to our community so that together, through this education series, we can learn more about the potential advantages, risks, and challenges that this technology poises to our region’s communities, nonprofits, and philanthropists. 

We invite you to attend all three sessions: September 14th & 20th are virtual webinars, and the series culminates on Sept. 22nd with an in-person event at SteelStacks (register HERE for all 3 sessions) If you can’t attend all three, choose the session(s) most important/interesting to you (register for each individual session by clicking the links below).

Session #1 – A Virtual Webinar

An Introduction to AI for Nonprofit Leaders & Philanthropists

Over the past year, we have seen an acceleration of news and developments about generative artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT and how it can potentially transform how the nonprofit sector fundraises and how fundholders make giving decisions.   

In this virtual workshop, Beth Kanter & Allison Fine, co-authors of The Smart Nonprofit, will unpack the hype and myths about the technology. They will share use-case examples and examine the benefits, including saving time by automating a lot of tasks, freeing up fundraisers’ time to focus on donor relationships and better fundraising outcomes. Adoption of these tools also open up ethical dilemmas and many questions about responsible use.  

The presenters will share insights about how nonprofits and donors can get prepared to adopt these tools in a knowledgeable, human-centered, and ethical way.  The presentation will be followed by a discussion and answering your questions. 

Thursday, September 14th, 2023
10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 

A Virtual Webinar on Zoom

Intended Audience: Nonprofits/Philanthropists/Fundholders (open to all) 

Main Takeaways: 

• Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
• Examples of AI in practice
• Roadmaps on how to ethically adopt AI tools 

Presented by:

Beth Kanter, co-author with Allison Fine of The Smart Nonprofit, speaker, facilitator

Allison Fine, President of, co-author with Beth Kanter of The Smart Nonprofit

Co-authors of The Smart Nonprofit 

See full event description and register here: EventBrite:Session #1

Session #2 – A Virtual Webinar

Responsible Artificial Intelligence in Philanthropy

With the growth of AI in all sectors comes an inevitable change for non-profits and other human-centered organizations. Donors and philanthropists will be experiencing that change firsthand, thus, it is vital that they are educated on the inherent inequality that AI systems carry and ways to approach these systems equitably and responsibly.  Dr. Julia Stoyanovich and James Deng, two experts in the field of equitable AI, will be spearheading this presentation. Dr. Stoyanovich, Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering and of Data Science, and Director of the Center for Responsible AI at New York University, will open the conversation by presenting on responsible AI. This will include topics such as bias in AI, data equity, and the importance of data privacy. James Deng, the CEO and founder of Grantable, will then discuss how and why responsible AI is critical for philanthropists and provide practical examples. 

Wednesday, September 20th, 2023
12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. 

A Virtual Webinar on Zoom

Intended Audience: Donors/Fundholders (open to all) 

Main Takeaways: 

• How to approach/use AI responsibly
• AI literacy on bias and privacy topics 
• Examples of philanthropy and AI

Presented by:

Dr. Julia Stoyanovich, Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering and of Data Science, and Director of the Center for Responsible AI at New York University

Philip Deng, CEO of Grantable

See full event description and register here: EventBrite: Session #2

Session #3 – In-Person Event (SteelStacks)

Practical Possibilities and Legal Perspectives for Artificial Intelligence

With AI on the rise in the zeitgeist, many people are wondering if and how machine learning will begin to affect their day-to-day lives and professional environments. These questions are especially relevant for individuals in the non-profit sector, whose work often directly affects the most vulnerable members of society. By getting involved in the AI conversation early on, non-profits can be at the forefront of creating a more equitable future centered on human development. 

In this interactive session, Eric Robuck and Jeffery Franklin will provide practical guidance on how non-profits can venture into the world of AI. Robuck, a cybersecurity expert with twenty years of experience in the field, will speak to the possibilities of AI in the non-profit space by educating on the use of AI and providing real-time demonstrations of emerging technologies. Franklin, a lawyer specializing in computer and privacy law, will explain the potential legal concerns of AI usage in order for non-profits to be aware of best practices around this emerging technology.  

The presentations will be interactive, with Robuck and Franklin answering questions submitted by the audience throughout the duration of their talk.  

Friday, September 22nd, 2023
1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Fowler Blast Furnace Room & Loft
SteelStacks,101 Founders Way, Bethlehem

Intended Audience: Nonprofit Organizations (open to all) 

Main Takeaways: 

• Exploring AI in the non-profit operational space 
• Demonstrations of AI tools 
• Legal considerations of adopting AI

Presented by:

Jeffrey A. Franklin, Esquire, Prince Law Offices and Principal Technology Consultant with BrightLine Tech Solutions, LLC

Eric Robuck, Cyber Security Expert 

See full event description and register here: EventBrite: Session #3

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EventBrite: All Three Sessions

$20 each is session or join us for all three for $50

Attendees can choose to attend one, two, or all three sessions. Sessions are open to all interested attendees! See the full descriptions of each event on their registration page. 

NOTE FOR NONPROFITS: If you are purchasing tickets for a nonprofit organization that has an annual revenue of under $100,000, LVCF may be able to provide a reduced or free ticket. Please contact Megan Briggs ( for more information.