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Legacy Society

The Legacy Society recognizes and honors these donors who have made deferred gifts through their will or other planned giving to give back through the Community Foundation. We are grateful for their generosity and philanthropic vision and are pleased to honor and recognize them.

Rolland Adams*

Dr. William B. Agocs*

Anonymous Donors

Margaret A. Bachert*

Madeline S. Barnako*

Frances L. Barnard*

Rebecca J. Bartholomew

David K. Bausch

Carol & Charles Bennicoff

Raymond K.* & Helen I.* Berk

Clayton* & Helen* Bernhardt

Dr. Charles L. Best*

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin C. Boylston

Mr. & Mrs. Merrill Brenner

Alice M. Brumbaugh

Arlene E. Butz*

Michael J. Caruso

Marion &  George* W. Chapman, Jr.

Martin D. Cohen, Esq.

Christine & Patrick Connell

Phyllis & James S.* Cook

Joseph E. Correll, Jr.*

John Lisy Daniel & Carol Holben Daniel

Honorable Maxwell E. Davison

Helen Adams DeRiemer*

Leonard R. Dimmick*

John G. Drauch

Lucille F. Driver*

Cynthia A. Lambert Durham

Alice M. Farquharson*

Frank & Jane Fisher

Linny* & Beall Fowler

Benjamin Franklin*

Grete & Stanley Furrow

Susan & Bob Gadomski

Fr. Daniel G. Gambet, OSFS

Richard E. Gasser*

Deborah S. Haight*

Linda & Ned Heindel

Robert Heinsohn

Carol Dean Henn

William & Mary Ann Heydt

Louise* & Charles* Hoffman

Mary Hook

Luther J. Hottle, Jr.

Nancy S.* & Charles E.* Keenan

Jean G. Kessler

Anthony A. & Judy A. Krasnicke

Sylvia F.* & James I. Lawler

Stephen P. Link

Martina M. Malone*

Charles & Ruth Marcon

Christine J. Martin*

Stephen Melnick and Dr. Trucilla Sabatino

Betsy* & Charles* Meredith III

Horace R. Miller*

Barbara & Robert Moffett

Dr. Russell E. Morgan, Sr.*

William F. Murphey

Erwin J. Neusch*

Dr. Stephanie Olexa & Attorney Seth Weber

Lynne & Chad Paul

Robert Pharo*

Louise Moore Pine*

Delphine S. Quinn*

David Rabaut

Erma L. Reed*

Linda & Don Robertson

Thomas E. Rotunno

Anthony Ruggiero*

Bernard & Margaret Story

Maria K. & Edward P. Street, Jr.

Jan Erik Surotchak

Katharine M. Thomas*

Susan & Dennis Tretter

George T. Walker*

Stevie Gay Weart

Dr. Leonard A. Wenzel*

Robert C. Wood*

Mary Youtz

If you have included the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation in your will or other planned gifts and wish it to be recognized in the Legacy Society, please contact Erika Riddle Petrozelli at (610) 351-5353 or email

* Deceased members who are now 'ad astra'....among the stars.