Heart to Heart: A Dialogue on Race and Diversity | A Facilitated Virtual Conversation | June 17-18

Heart to Heart: A Dialogue on Race and Diversity | A Facilitated Virtual Conversation | June 17-18

Heart to Heart: A Dialogue on Race and Diversity
Heart hands as a group of diverse people hands connected together shaped as a love symbol expressing the feeling of being happy and togetherness.

The Community Foundation is committed to supporting the nonprofit sector in addressing ongoing barriers as they arise both in the immediate and in the future, too.  As the recent attention has focused on the importance of Racial Equity, LVCF is offering Heart to Heart: A Dialogue on Race and Diversity, a professionally facilitated virtual conversation by InterACTion Consulting Group.

LVCF is offering this virtual program in response to widespread interest of non-profit leaders to begin or continue work to center their organization’s mission on equity. This program is designed to provide a safe and welcoming virtual space in which candid and heartfelt conversations about racial issues in America can occur. Participants will have opportunities to practice diversity-related communication skills needed as individuals and organizations weather the “Imperfect Storm of 2020” and create a more inclusive, diversity competence and equitable world. The hour session will be facilitated by InterACTion Consulting Group members, Marie Amey-Taylor, Ed.D. and Sarah Halley.

Registation Information

  • SPACE IS LIMITED, therefore we are requesting that only one representative from each organization attend. The representative attending should be on a leadership level, with the responsibility of making key decisions for the organization.
  • LVCF is hosting two facilitated conversation opportunities on Wednesday and Thursday. DO NOT REGISTER FOR BOTH. Please only register for one of the events.
    • Register here for Wednesday, June 17th at 9:00 AM
    • Register here for Thursday, June 18th at 9:00 AM

About the Facilitators:

Dr. Amey-Taylor has provided organizational development services to major corporations and organizations throughout the world. She holds a Doctoral degree in Psycho-Educational Processes/Adult and Organizational Development and a Master’s degree in Urban Education and Policy Studies, College of Education, Temple University. She is the Founder and Director of InterACTion Improvisational Theater Troupe, a diverse theatrical ensemble of actors/facilitators. InterACTion’s clients have included educational institutions, businesses, government agencies and professional associations.

Sarah Halley’s keen understanding of organizations and their people derive from a wide variety of work experiences in both the public and private sectors. An organizational consultant and facilitator for the past 18 years, Sarah’s areas of expertise include: leadership development, executive coaching, meeting design and facilitation, diversity and cultural competence, conflict management, team building, strategic planning and change management. As a graduate of Lehigh University, Sarah’s first career was as a structural engineer in New York City.

How did this event come about?

The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation initiated this event due to the foundation’s participation in the Strategic Response Team’s Technical Assistance Sub-committee, which was designed to be responsive to needs in our nonprofit community as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.

While this event was organized by LVCF, it is organized in coordination with several other partners who will be offering additional technical assistance resources in the future. This team also recently launched this survey. If you have not taken it already, please take a few moments to fill it out.