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Leonard J. Dimmick Fund for Burnside Plantation

Donor Designated Fund

Leonard J. Dimmick Fund for Burnside Plantation

The late Leonard J. Dimmick was one of the early supporters of the development of the Burnside Plantation, an 18th century tract of land in Bethlehem, PA, that was a working farm and the home of James Burnside, who was twice a Northampton County representative to the Colonial Pennsylvania legislature.  The Burnside plantation has been restored to its 18th-century look and function, and is used for educational and history-related programs.  By bequest, Mr. Dimmick provided for establishment of this Fund which provides grants for the ongoing programming and facilities of the Burnside Plantation.

Burnside Plantation

Gifts to the Fund can be made by submitting a check, payable to the Leonard J. Dimmick Fund for Burnside Plantation, to the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation, 840 West Hamilton Street, Suite 310, Allentown, PA 18101.  Gifts can also be made via credit card by clicking the PayPal link below.  A PayPal account is not required to make an online gift to the Fund.

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