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Our Donor-Advised Fund Advantage

The LVCF Advantage

Three Reasons Community Foundations are Ideal for Your Donor-Advised Fund

LVCF Donor-Advised Fund

A donor advised fund through Lehigh Valley Community Foundation provides a simple, flexible and tax-efficient way to streamline your charitable giving. You make a gift to establish the fund and then remain actively involved in suggesting grants from the fund to the nonprofit organizations you wish to support. The ease of use and potential tax advantages make donor advised funds the fastest growing charitable giving vehicle in the nation.

We as a community foundation help donors do more with their philanthropy than they could do on their own.  You can be more impactful with your giving by staying connected to the organizations and issues that are important to you and the community. LVCF connects donors to giving opportunities through a variety of communications and donor events.  We host events that bring philanthropists together, such as the semi-annual Board of Associates meetings, the 2017 issue-based 50th Anniversary Events, and the annual Estate Planning Council seminar. 

Community Foundations are closely connected to their community, supporting their individual region’s needs and the nonprofits in many ways, making CFs more like an active charity than the commercial platforms.  LVCF has thoughtful and purposeful Foundation-directed grantmaking.  We are in the community learning about needs (Bernie and Megan likely have 100 meetings a year) and contributing to discussions (participation in Upside Allentown committees, various Staff member Board and Advisory Committee roles).  We build community partnerships, such as the Synergy Fund with the UWGLV and this year’s participation in the Rider Pool Fellowship for Collective Impact. 

Community Foundation donor-advised funds actively make grants to the community—they do not sit dormant for long periods of time.  LVCF’s policy requires that donor-advised funds make grants at least once every three years.  In practice, we rarely find that a DAF is inactive.

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