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Our Donor-Advised Fund Advantage

The LVCF Advantage

Four Reasons Community Foundations are Ideal for Your Donor-Advised Fund

Lehigh Valley Community Foundation Donor-Advised Fund

A donor advised fund through Lehigh Valley Community Foundation provides a simple, flexible and tax-efficient way to streamline your charitable giving. You make a gift to establish the fund and then remain actively involved in suggesting grants from the fund to the nonprofit organizations you wish to support. The ease of use and potential tax advantages make donor advised funds the fastest growing charitable giving vehicle in the nation.

Make Your Giving Local | We serve the Lehigh Valley and beyond. Consider allocating your charitable giving through the Community Foundation, which has an innate understanding of the local issues and community needs. With established connections and a commitment to the region’s success, LVCF serves as a prime choice for donors who wish to make a difference right here, in our Lehigh Valley.

Make Your Giving Easy | Handling the administrative complexities of charitable giving can be simplified by utilizing our expertise and streamlined processes. The Foundation offers various fund options, guiding you towards the most suitable choice to complement your giving objectives effectively.

Maximize Your Impact | By channeling your giving through a Donor-Advised Fund, you can strategically distribute funds to support causes close to your heart. Utilize our deep knowledge of the region and its nonprofits to identify and back organizations whose missions directly align with your interests and the betterment of our community.

Ensure Your Legacy | Whether addressing pressing issues like food insecurity, housing, substance use disorders, or environmental concerns, our team will assist in identifying the most crucial funding priorities for the organizations, ensuring your resources support them in the most impactful ways.

LVCF EverGreen Fund

EverGreen Funds & Services

Additionally, for those considering or managing private foundations, our Evergreen Fund (we liken it to a “Super DAF,” offers an alternative that minimizes the challenges and expenses associated with establishing and managing a separate foundation.

As an enduring entity serving the community for 50 years, LVCF is committed to the long-term well-being of the Lehigh Valley. Partnering with us ensures your generosity continues to make a lasting impact, well beyond your lifetime. The Community Foundation understands the significance of managing your funds in accordance with your wishes and offers the discretion to meet evolving community needs while respecting your intended goals.

ASK ERIKA | Ask me how the Community Foundation can help you and your clients create a lasting legacy and make a difference in the community….

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