Tips for Year-end Charitable Gifts & Grants

Tips for Year-end Charitable Gifts & Grants

The holiday season is a popular time for giving to the causes that matter most to you. The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation is your partner in philanthropy, and we are here to help you make the most impact with your year-end giving.

Donating long-term appreciated securities—rather than selling the assets and then donating the cash proceeds—is one of the easiest ways for donors to increase their charitable dollars and maximize their impact on the community. If it’s time to rebalance your portfolio, consider a charitable gift with the appreciated positions.  Learn more…

Are you over the age of 70 ½ and do not need the liquidity of your IRA’s required minimum distribution?  Consider a Qualified Charitable Distribution or a “QCD” as an establishing gift for a designated fund or an area of interest fund at LVCF.  We have seen this gift type grow in popularity since its benefits became permanent in 2015 and the standard deduction increased during 2017 tax reform. If you are the right age and have one or more IRAs, a QCD may be a solution to be both charity-generous and tax-thrifty. Learn more…

To be eligible for a 2019 charitable tax deduction, you may need to initiate certain contributions now.  Some assets such as mutual funds and restricted stock take longer to accept and process, so advanced planning is required to meet year-end deadlines.

With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s higher standard deduction, donors can benefit from grouping multi-year donations into a single tax year.  This is also referred to as donation “bunching.”  Donation bunching can also be done in combination with donating appreciated stock.  LVCF’s charitable fund menu provides an array of options for donors considering bunching.  Learn more…

Through creative gift planning at the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation, you may be able to do more for yourself and for the causes that matter to you.

ASK CARRIE | Ask me which type of fund is right for you and how the Community Foundation can help you create a lasting legacy and make a difference in the community….

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Director of Donor Services

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