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United Way of the Greater LV Endowment Fund

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Established in 1974 at the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation

United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley Endowment Fund

The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation (LVCF) has a long history of partnering with non-profit organizations in the area to establish agency endowment funds for the benefit of those organizations.  The United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley Endowment Fund was created to protect the United Way’s (UWGLV) charitable dollars for the future and to ensure a source of support for their programs.

United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley believes that every person in our community deserves an opportunity for a good life by focusing on education, older adults and basic needs.


LVCF is a community endowment which has been managing permanent charitable dollars on behalf of donors for decades.  The Community Foundation staff have the knowledge and expertise to assist organizations and their donors with the important accounting, legal, and administrative considerations associated with an endowment.  

United Way’s donors can expect:

Fiduciary oversight
LVCF serves as the guardian of the fund, investing wisely for growth. Attentive monitoring and reporting assures that donors’ charitable dollars are used for the stated purpose.  

Gift acceptance and acknowledgment
LVCF is able to accept a wide variety of gifts, including credit cards, stock, and property, as well as bequests and certain other planned gifts. Gifts will be accepted at any time, from individual donors or from entities, and in any amount. Gifts are tax deductible at
the highest levels allowed.

Donor Recognition
Donors can continue a relationship with the UWGLV and be recognized for their donations.


Gifts to the Fund can be made by submitting a check, payable to the General Endowment Fund for the United Way, to the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation, 840 W. Hamilton Street, Suite 310, Allentown, PA 18101.  Gifts can also be made via credit card by clicking the link below.

Make a gift to United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley Endowment Fund


The United Way benefts from its continued partnership the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation in a number of ways.

Focus on mission
The administration costs of a single endowment fund can be high, but LVCF manages over 200 charitable funds on behalf of donors, therefore reducing the costs to the organization. LVCF is responsible for the accounting, and hands-on monitoring and reporting of the funds, which allows UWGLV to focus on donors and its mission.

Ease of administration
A UWGLV endowment fund at LVCF already exists and distributes grants on an annual basis. Additional paperwork is generally not required. Donors can give to the fund at any time.

Investment expertise
LVCF has engaged an institutional investment consulting firm to assist with managing and monitoring a pooled portfolio.  The pool allows participating funds access to investment managers and products that may traditionally require a high initial investment or a higher fee.

Asset protection
An endowment held at LVCF is generally protected from the creditors of an organization.