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Creative Sector Flex Fund

Addressing Changing Needs

About the Creative Sector Flex Fund

The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) is excited to introduce a new grant program, the Creative Sector Flex Fund (CSFF), for the 2023-2024 grant year. The CSFF is designed to address the changing needs of dynamic PA arts organizations with average annual revenue between $10,000 – $200,000. 

This grant program incorporates the current needs of the field by offering grantees the flexibility to use $5,000 grants in ways that ensure the most significant impact for their organizations and communities. 

Eligible uses of funds are flexible, including the support of applicants’ administrative, programmatic, and project-related expenses.

Please note: The PCA has retired Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts’ (PPA) Entry to Program Stream, and Program Stream grant programs. The decision to retire these programs resulted from the PCA’s consideration of conversations, feedback, observations, insights, research, and data review with state and industry leaders, panelists, grantees, and community members. The goal of this retirement is to enable the PCA to provide a funding avenue that better aligns with industry trends and the goals of PCA’s strategic plan.

How to Apply to the Creative Sector Flex Fund

Download the guidelines for the 2023-2024 Creative Sector Flex Fund (PDF)

Please check back to LVCF’s website in February 2023 for information regarding Creative Sector Flex Fund application deadlines and details. CSFF applications will begin to open in the summer of 2023. LVCF is the PPA partner for Region 5. List of regions in Pennsylvania

If your organization is not eligible for the Creative Sector Flex Fund, please visit our Apply for a Grant page, for additional information on opportunities that may suit the needs of your organization. 

For Current PPA Entry to Program and Program Stream Grantees

Please know that your organization’s 2022-2023 Entry to Program Stream or Program Stream grant will not be impacted by this change. Please continue to communicate with Lehigh Valley Community Foundation (your Region 5 partner) regarding final report due dates and procedures.

We thank you for the value and impact that your art organization provides to the communities that you serve, and we encourage you to explore the guidelines for the Creative Sector Flex Fund, as you may find that this program is a great fit for your organization and programs.

For questions regarding current year Entry to Program or Program Stream grants, please contact Monique Saunders Moreno at 610 351-5353, ext. 17 | monique@lvcfoundation.org.

ASK Monique | Questions regarding the Creative Sector Flex Fund or to learn more about other Community Foundation’s Partners in the Arts (PPA) grant opportunities

Monique Moreno

Monique Saunders Moreno
Assistant Director of Community Investments
Lehigh Valley Community Foundation
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610 351-5353, ext. 17 | monique@lvcfoundation.org