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EverGreen Funds & Services

Lehigh Valley Community Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life in our region, to encourage collaboration among area philanthropists, and to serve as a source of information and expertise regarding charitable giving. Simply put, the Community Foundation connects people who care to causes that matter. Through your partnership with the Community Foundation, our region will benefit from your philanthropy in multiple ways.

The Community Foundation is proud to offer an extensive portfolio of services to families in the Lehigh Valley region who want to maximize the impact of their charitable giving. We support family philanthropy with research, provide grantmaking support, administrative services, networking, asset management, and philanthropic advising.

Let the Community Foundation Guide your Philanthropic Pathway with the Following Options…

EverGreen Fund | Start a new fund or move all or part of your family foundation to am Evergreen Fund at LVCF.


Impact Services | Contract with LVCF for grantmaking resources to support your existing fund or foundation.

Evergreen Funds and Services | Your outsourced Executive Director & CFO

LVCF takes the burden off your shoulders and ensure that your family legacy is in trusted hands. Our comprehensive fund administration services cover every aspect:

Fiduciary Oversight | Rest easy knowing that your assets are managed with the utmost care and responsibility.

IRS Filings | We handle all the necessary paperwork and compliance requirements, so you don’t have to worry about tax-related hassles.

Financial Audits | Transparency is key. We conduct regular financial audits to maintain the highest standards of accountability.

Check Writing | Quick and hassle-free disbursements are made on your behalf, making your philanthropic efforts more efficient.

Bookkeeping | Detailed records are meticulously maintained, ensuring that you have a clear and accurate picture of your fund’s activity.

Investment Oversight | Our expert team monitors and manages investments to optimize returns and align with your goals.

With LVCF, your family legacy is not just preserved; it’s enhanced and protected. Let us handle the administrative tasks, so you can focus on what truly matters: making a lasting impact through your charitable contributions

An EverGreen Fund includes the following Impact Services

• Work with your dedicated Philanthropic Advisor to establish values and mission for your charitable giving
• Simplify your grant application process through the use of our online grants portal (1 cycle/year)
• Amplify your impact with LVCF’s deep insight into the nonprofit sector, experienced due diligence and evaluation, and extensive community knowledge on areas of interest
• Network with other philanthropists and nonprofits in the area through exclusive events for fundholders

Not ready for an EverGreen Fund? | Use our Impact Services

Access the Community Foundation’s Impact Services option and procure only the assistance you need based on an annual fee-for-service and a one-time set-up fee.

Benefits of an EverGreen Fund & LVCF’s Impact Services

Reduce the administrative workload from creating & maintaining a foundation

  • Ease the burden of effective grantmaking
  • Create a sound, trusted succession plan to continue a family legacy
  • Access resources in an economically efficient way through economies of scale
  • Afford quality paid staff through LVCF that small- or medium-sized family foundations and/or charitable funds may not be able to support

See why an EverGreen Fund is preferable to starting a private foundation!

ASK Maureen | If you would like more information on starting a fund at LVCF, our Family Legacy Fund, or our Impact Services can benefit you and the community. And she’ here to help with any questions about the MyFund Portal.

Maureen Wendling

Maureen Connolley Wendling
Director of Donor Initiatives
Lehigh Valley Community Foundation
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