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What We Offer | A Fund to Meet Your Needs

Education, health care, music, parks. Whatever your charitable interests, whether you have $5,000 or $1 million to give, LVCF offers simple, flexible, and rewarding options.

The first step is the type of fund that meets your philanthropic needs. We have many to choose from and they can be structured to fit your charitable intent like a glove. Carrie Krug Nedick, our Director of Donor Services, is here to get you started on creating a fund at the Community Foundation. She’s always an email or a call away at 610 351-5353 Ext. 10.

Find the Fund Type that Fits Your Charitable Goals

A fund type is defined by its purpose, the means used to disburse grants, and level of donor involvement. See various fund type options below.

Fund TypeWhat it isMinimum
Remaining Deeply Involved in Your Giving  
This fund offers the most flexibility for your giving.  You recommend which charitable organizations are supported from the fund each year, while LVCF does the paperwork and due diligence.  
EverGreen FundInvesting in your Family Legacy  
Focus on your family legacy while LVCF conducts all areas of fund administration and grantmaking as your outsourced Executive Director.  LVCF’s alternative to a private foundation.    
Designated Defining Your Giving  
Name specific qualified charitable organizations to receive grants for specified amounts, and we will make those grants over time.  Giving parameters are set within the fund agreement, so your giving is on auto-pilot.  This is the most common way to preserve your charitable legacy.  
& Award
Furthering Education  
Invest in the future by helping deserving students or other individuals pursue higher education or be recognized for their contributions.  Scholarships can be School Coordinated, Committee Coordinated, or LVCF Committee Coordinated.  
Agency  Focusing on the Nonprofit Mission  
Focus on your mission while benefitting from the Foundation’s operational efficiencies & oversight.  Only established by qualified charitable organizations. 
Area of Interest Choosing a Cause  
Create a fund for a specific cause that is close to your heart, while relying on the knowledge and leadership of LVCF to make the most impact.  
Smaller gift?  Consider contributing to one of our leadership grant strategies or another fund.  LVCF can also act as a neutral party for organizations that collaborate on a program or initiative.  
Forever Lehigh Valley Fund Supporting the Needs of the Community  
Contribute to your community endowment and the Foundation’s community work through the flexibility of unrestricted giving.  You can enable LVCF to support its own work and to respond to the communities most pressing needs, today and tomorrow.  

Ready to get started?

For decades, the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation has helped donors with their charitable contributions with a simple, powerful and highly personalized approach. Establishing a charitable fund at the Community Foundation will help create a lasting legacy. To create a fund, you will need to decide what type of fund will best serve your interests and gift you will make to create the fund. The Community Foundation staff will help to guide you through this process.

ASK CARRIE | If you would like to find out how to make your charitable giving easy, local, and impactful contact Carrie.

Carrie Krug Nedick

Carrie Krug Nedick, CAP
Director of Donor Services
840 West Hamilton Street, Suite 310, Allentown, PA 18101
610 351-5353  Ext. 10 |