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Impact Services | We provide support so you can focus on mission

Lehigh Valley Community Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life in our region, to encourage collaboration among area philanthropists, and to serve as a source of information and expertise regarding charitable giving. Simply put, the Community Foundation connects donors who care with causes that matter. Through your partnership with the Community Foundation, our region will benefit from your philanthropy in multiple ways.

The Community Foundation is proud to offer an extensive portfolio of services to families in the Lehigh Valley region who want to maximize the impact of their charitable giving. We support family philanthropy with research, provide grantmaking support, administrative services, networking, asset management, and philanthropic advising.

Let the Community Foundation Guide your Philanthropic Pathway with the Following Options…

EverGreen Fund 
Start a new fund or move all or part of your family foundation to an EverGreen Fund at LVCF

Impact Services
Contract with LVCF for grantmaking resources to support your existing fund or foundation

The Power of Partnership in the Lehigh Valley

When it comes to Philanthropy, there are many tools and structures to choose from. We are happy to talk through your challenges and needs and provide solutions. A Philanthropic Partnership with the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation can allow families and private foundations to focus on their mission and legacy, make more informed decisions about their gifts and grants, and streamline their internal functions. LVCF is poised to provide services like grant cycle management, family philanthropy structures, asset management and check writing; we can build a custom solution based on evolving needs.

Impact Services for Private Foundations

PROBLEM | One of the most challenging things facing private foundation leaders and trustees is managing organizational processes. Private foundations are excellent at learning about their community needs and supporting the nonprofit sector, but they must also tend to the day-to-day operations of the foundation. This takes leadership time away from the true philanthropic activities that support their missions.

LVCF SOLUTION | By partnering with LVCF Impact Services, private foundations benefit from a streamlined grant cycle process. Grant applications come through our portal (of which most local nonprofits are also familiar), evaluators log-in to read and score applications, LVCF interprets the evaluation data and provides a report, and the trustees decide where and how much to send. Your private foundation retains legal ownership of its assets and maintains its own governing body while LVCF takes care of most of the work. It’s the best of both worlds!

Impact Services for Philanthropic Families

PROBLEM | First generation philanthropists want to ensure their legacy while allowing future generations the opportunity to give without the burden of administering a private foundation.

LVCF SOLUTION | By partnering with LVCF, families can benefit from philanthropic planning services, local expertise in area non-profits, and think BIG when it comes to the impact that they want to make with their gifts. LVCF can work with families to create a family philanthropic charter which could include a grant cycle, leadership structure, and planning services.

ASK Maureen | If you would like more information on starting a fund at LVCF, our Family Legacy Fund, or our Impact Services can benefit you and the community. And she’ here to help with any questions about the MyFund Portal.

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