LVCF Annual Report

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LVCF Annual Report

Annual Report 2020-21 | Lehigh Valley Community Foundation

Message from the Board Chair and President, and CEO

As we close the chapter on another fiscal year, we write to you with our many thanks for your contributions to our community.  It has been another tumultuous year of uncertainty amid certain change, but we weathered the storm and proved our resiliency, yet again.  This past year, fundholders granted over $5.6 million to nonprofits addressing a wide spectrum of community needs.  It is through your generosity that food pantries continued to provide healthy meals; transportation was available to those seeking opioid addiction treatment; theaters opened their doors to patrons once again; and many more impactful grants from our over 260 charitable funds.  Time and time again our donors step up to the plate and hit it out of the park – thank you!  

LVCF’s work does not end when the check is written.  Our role as a trusted community partner, advisor and leader came into focus during the early days of the pandemic.  We continue to embrace this work for the long-term, across all teams and initiatives.  We are engaged in the nonprofit community more deeply than ever, building new community partners and deepening existing relationships. In 2020-21, we truly began centering equity in the Lehigh Valley’s nonprofit sector. Through this work we focused our third year of the capacity building program on organizations with leaders who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC). See Page 10 for more information on our approach. We also partnered with Faces International and the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley to implement Project Equity (see page 8). We’re working with stakeholders in the region to create a common vision, values, and strategies for redesigning an equitable and sustainable nonprofit sector.

We have also launched a new donor support platform to engage the next generation of philanthropists and to share our grantmaking expertise with families who want to make more of an impact in the Lehigh Valley.  We are excited about our role in nurturing place-based philanthropy.  

There is a lot of really good stuff happening, and we are so fortunate to have reached this point of visibility, credibility, and strength. I hope it’s obvious that the Community Foundation continues to fire on all cylinders with a wonderful, highly effective team in place, thanks to the vision and leadership of Bernie Story, supported by the Board of Governors.

We have so much to be thankful for in 2020-21 including your continued support of our work and our region.  Our work continues – all of our contributions, no matter how big or small.  Our community counts on it and its making a difference in people’s lives.

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