Season of Giving

Tips for the Season of Giving

It’s That Time Again

Tips for the Season of Giving | it’s that time again…

It's the season to give. Donation jar with money

Now is the time to act if you are thinking about year-end gifts. Time is indeed of the essence!

Gifts of appreciated stock still shine

Giving in a roller coaster market may continue to be a real concern for many of our philanthropic partners, but remember, not all stocks are down. Gifts of appreciated stock to a donor-advised fund or other type of fund at the Community Foundation is still one of the most tax-savvy ways to support favorite charitable causes because capital gains tax can be avoided. And of course, a stock market rally can present timely opportunities.

Donor-advised funds help both the donor and the donor’s favorite nonprofits

Grantmaking from donor-advised funds continues to rise, especially as donors and their advisors pay increasing attention to the ways a donor-advised fund can help with tax planning and, importantly, keep a donor’s giving levels consistent even in lower income years. Reach out to the Community Foundation to learn more about how “bunching” at year end can maximize tax benefits, and at the same time ensure that nonprofits are supported as demands on their missions continue to grow in choppy economic waters.

Year-end giving deadlines are firm

Watch the calendar closely! Year-end can sneak up on all of us, and it’s important not to miss key deadlines for accomplishing your charitable goals. Please reach out to our LVCF team to find out when certain transactions must occur to be completed during this tax year, including checks to a fund at the Community Foundation, which must be postmarked or hand-delivered no later than December 31. Gifts of marketable securities also need to be fully transferred by December 31, so please contact us in plenty of time for our team to process and receive the transfer.

Use LVCF’s Online Donation Portal to make a gift to a fund at the Community Foundation.

Make an Unrestricted Gift to Help Support the Community Foundation

Unrestricted gifts to the Community Foundation help support the operation and a wide variety of initiatives, including LVCF’s community leadership efforts. Gifts can be made by submitting a check, payable to the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation, 840 West Hamilton Street, Suite 310, Allentown, PA 18101. Gifts can also be made via credit card by clicking the link below. 

Make a Gift to an Existing Fund

If you want to give to one of our charitable funds, please view the list of current Charitable Funds. Each fund has its own donation link, powered by Stripe, that directs your gift to the fund you select. Or if you know the name of the fund you wish to support, click Donate to a Fund at LVCF.

Thank You Lehigh Valley | Happy Holidays

Here are some additional things to consider for your year-end giving.

Give locally.

The communities we live in impact our lives more than any other place in the world. It is where our families bond and learn values, where we shop, and where we participate in activities to pursue personal growth. Our communities provide a large portion of our network and relationships. By giving to the place that provides so much for our daily life, we are investing in a better quality of life for ourselves and others. Make a gift to a fund at LVCF.

Give unrestricted.

After choosing a nonprofit you like, make an unrestricted gift to LVCF. Unrestricted donations enable the nonprofit to use the money where it’s needed the most. Nonprofits are experts at serving their own mission. General operating support allows for flexibility and capacity building initiatives that strengthen the organization from the inside out. The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation supports nonprofits with unrestricted grants and also, as a nonprofit, accepts unrestricted gifts to support our own community leadership initiatives and operations.

Talk to your advisor.

Before making any significant gift to charity, consult with your CPA, attorney, or other advisors to understand the impact on your taxes and estate. Consider which assets you might use for your philanthropic plans, like an IRA Required Minimum Distribution, or appreciated stock. The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation offers philanthropic vehicles like Donor-Advised Funds and Designated Funds to simplify your giving.

Give now, decide later.

If you are planning for a charitable tax deduction this year but are undecided about which nonprofits to support, consider opening a donor-advised fund at Lehigh Valley Community Foundation. A donor-advised fund can be set up in one meeting and can be built over time.
Learn about Donor-Advised Funds at LVCF.

Explore matching gift programs.

Some companies offer matching gift programs that can increase — even double — the impact of your gift. Contact your human resources department to see what your employer offers. You’ll be doubling the positive impact you have on community nonprofits.

Leave a bequest.

Support for your favorite charities will go well beyond this year if you create a permanent fund in your estate plan that names them as beneficiaries. An update to your will ensures that nonprofit(s) you’ve helped throughout your lifetime will continue to be supported by you forever. Talk to us about how the Community Foundation can be an integral part of your philanthropic plans. See our Legacy Society page.

Get involved.

Getting involved in the organizations that you support financially can give you greater satisfaction and fulfillment. Consider volunteering, attending agency events, or going out to lunch with a staff member to build a deeper connection and understanding of the impact of the organization.

Let LVCF do the work.

Working with the Community Foundation gives you access to our extensive knowledge of the local nonprofit community and the broad charitable needs of our region—so you can stay informed about the organizations you support and the impact of your giving.

ASK CARRIE | If you would like to find out how to make your charitable giving easy, local, and impactful contact Carrie.

Carrie Krug Nedick

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Director of Donor Services
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